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Intellectual Output 1:
Digital Designer Compendium

This output aims at delivering a practical e-course for young adults, regardless their
background, related to Digital Design main aspects and skills (incl. banner ads, UI/UX wireframes, website elements, infographics, layout principles, etc.).  It serves under a two-folded objective:
  • Generating awareness about the usefulness and application of Digital Design in Heritage Tourism Management
  • Provision of ground rules and principles of Digital Design and Design Thinking to foster the digital competences of young participants

Intellectual Output 2:
Digital Heritage Tour Facilitator

The objective of this output is to support young people in increasing and retaining their skills in the
long-term through a web-based tool that will facilitate the learning process and the skills retention. In particular, a dedicated instance of a fast cloud-based environment will be deployed towards the development of the Digital Heritage Tour Facilitator.

Participants will be able to create their own Digital Heritage Tour Guide using micro e-learning elements, such as wikis, information chunks, social interactions, etc.